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Relationship Intensive

Postponed – Email with your interest in this program, and I will re-schedule – Blessings!

Discover Your

Relationship SuperPowers –

Intensive Program

Relationship Superpowers (1)
Rev. Dan Holloway speaking at a church.

The Relationship SuperPower Intensive program has been postponed. Please email me at with your interest in the program, and I will re-schedule.  Blessings!  Rev. Dan


You have SuperPowers within you – right now! Yet they need discovery, identification and direction for their best use.

This 7 week class – Discover Your Relationship SuperPowersIntensive Program – will help you strengthen your relationships – with family, significant others, friends, co-workers, and more. You will acquire tools, tips and techniques to create peace, harmony and greater meaning in your connections with others.

Discover Your Relationship SuperPowers – Intensive begins Monday, March 8th.

You are invited to the Live Facebook Broadcast at 12:00 noon EST, but if you can’t make it at that time – no problem! The recorded program will be available for review at your convenience.

Register today for Discover Your Relationship SuperPowers – Intensive Program.

Register today for Discover Your Relationship SuperPowers – Intensive Program

Here’s What We’ll Explore Together

In this 7 week class you will learn:

  • Processes for productive and healthy communication
  • How to enhance, renew or even repair a relationship
  • The love languages you and others already use
  • Understanding and overcoming Codependency
  • An expanded capacity to forgive
  • Mindfulness Methods
  • The metaphysics behind gratitude and encouragement
  • And much more . . .
Young girl meditating

Week 1: Self Awareness and Gratitude

Practices of Mindfulness, Self-Care, and the

Provable Spiritual Magnetism of Gratitude

Two tin cans connected by cord

Week 2: Productive Communication

Develop the Art of Being Heard and Profound Acceptance

Silhouette of two people with the word codependence

Week 3: Understanding Codependency

Understanding and Overcoming Codependency

Two tin cans connected by cord

Week 4: The Powers of

Forgiveness and Encouragement

The gifts you give yourself and others

Three images showing sign language for word "Love"

Week 5: Your Love Languages

Explore Your Love Languages, and Believe in One Another

Find the Positive

Week 6: Vigilance and Positivity

Developing Persistence, Creativity, and Enthusiasm

Relationship Superpowers (1)

Week 7: Summary, Q and A

Putting it all together

Open to individual/couples coaching/spiritual counseling

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