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Awaken the Greater YOU
Lesson Videos

Rev. Dan Holloway speaking at a church.

Hi, I’m Rev. Dan Holloway

Thank you for your interest & participation in the Awaken the Greater YOU! program.

Please find below each of the video lessons in the order they were presented live starting January 11, 2021.

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These lessons are a creative demonstration of how I help people learn to apply universal spiritual principles, develop greater self-awareness, and live with meaning and purpose.

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Awaken the Greater YOU! Program Videos

Day 1: Bloom Where You are Planted

Find the good where we are.

Day 2: Magnets and Mirrors

We create our life experience.

Day 3: Called Higher

Inner knowing moves us onward and upward.

Day 4: Instant Replay

Learn from our experience – not good or bad.

Day 5: To Tell the Truth

Seeking answers leads us to higher truth.

Day 6: Next Steps

Higher awareness allows us to see miracles.

Day 7: The Power of Love

Personal, and so much more.

Day 8: There’s not a Downside to Looking Up

The power of faith goes whichever way you point it.

Day 9: Praying the Perfect Prayer

It’s more important what you pray from than what you pray for.

Day 10: Transformation

You are more than you were 10 years ago, or even 10 minutes ago.

Day 11: Growing Through the Changes

Each experience brings possibilities for positive change.