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You Deserve to Live Your Purpose:
Spiritually, Emotionally, Professionally, & Creatively.

It’s My Purpose to Help You Define & Express Your Purpose!

Rev. Dan Holloway speaking in front of an audience at a church.

Spiritual Life Coaching | Spiritual Counselor | Guest Speaker/Workshop Facilitator | Author

Rev. Dan Holloway

A minister for 30 years, Rev. Dan is known for his sense of humor and practical ways of explaining difficult subjects with everyday language. He encourages and inspires people to take charge of their lives. He believes that regardless of circumstances, anyone can apply universal spiritual principles, develop greater self-awareness, and live with meaning and purpose.

How I Can Help You Be All You Came Here to Be?

Guest Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

My overall goal is to help people see in new and exciting ways, and to realize that they already have their answers within them – and with a bit of guidance they can find them.

Workshops are invigorating, entertaining, and educational as you discover more about yourself, life, and the spiritual nature of being.

My speaking style seeks to put people at ease, so they can listen with curiosity. “How can I put these ideas to work in my life?” I would want them to ask themselves.

Explore Speech & Workshop Topic Examples

Spiritual Life Coaching

Coaching is used to help people ascertain clear, defined and attainable goals.

Once certain objectives are identified, I am your advocate, guide, and mentor to help you achieve those goals.

I help you to find and apply the tools you need to get you where you want to go.

Coaching supports you as you make headway, breakthroughs, and successes in life, overcoming obstacles and attaining agreed-upon objectives.

Coaching for some is an ongoing opportunity for continued growth, and is not limited to any specific number of sessions.

No Cost Session to Start Our Journey

Let’s begin your path to living a life tailored to your passions with an introductory session at no cost to you.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling helps individuals become clear on answers to life challenges they have.

These could be in any area – relationships, personal fulfillment, life purpose, understanding of and connection with God (higher power), financial or career questions and difficulties, and so much more.

In spiritual counseling I help people to get clear and feel spiritually connected so they can make sound determinations regarding their next steps.

No Cost Session to Start Our Journey

Spiritual counseling may require more than one session, but rarely more than six. An introductory 15 – 20 minute session is at no cost, to help you decide if this is a likely path toward achieving your purpose.


I wrote Knowing God More to help people live more mindfully – to realize that they are always connected to something greater.

We each have access to knowledge and power beyond our current awareness, and by going deeper within we can change our lives, and therefore a bit of the world, for the better.

About Knowing God More

Everyone could use some uplifting inspiration from time to time. This introspective guide allows readers to take bite-sized chunks of spiritual ideas and use them in practical everyday ways to improve their lives by realizing their connection with the divine, with the universe, with God.

Through entertaining and stimulating stories and concepts, each day offers new and life-enhancing ways to gain deeper self-awareness and experience greater inner peace and joy.

The book, Knowing God More, on a bed with a pillow saying be kind

Purchase Knowing God More at: iUniverse or Amazon



Dan is One in a Million

Dan is one in a million—a man of many talents, unending curiosity, and love of people.  You have to be acutely alert or his keen wit will catch you off guard- but you’ll always walk away enhanced and smiling.

Whether he’s speaking or writing, he is totally engaging.  He inspires me.  Great man, great friend and colleague!

Rev. Sharon Connors
Minister, Author, Life Coach, Former Chair of International Association of Unity Churches

Touched My Heart

I have been part of a spirit group studying his “Knowing God More” book for the last few months. I wanted to express how much this book has meant to me!

Every page is dog-eared, underlined and re-read several times! Each message resonates so clearly! I start each day reading and reflecting and it has had a huge impact on my life. Thank you so much for this beautiful guide that has touched my heart! I plan to purchase more to share with the people I love!

Janet Olsson

Groups Love His Talks

I am proud to give a testimonial for Daniel Holloway. I have known him for 30 years. 

I worked with him closely in the 1990’s at The World Headquarters of Unity School Christianity, and on several Positive Christianity Spiritual Retreat Cruises. 

He is a man of deep integrity. He is a pure good soul. He is a solid spiritual person. He is authentic and true. He is a joy to be around.

Groups love his talks, because his impact stays with the listener long after the lesson itself concludes. He has a marvelous sense of humor and is one of those rare people that make your soul smile long after you leave their presence.

Chris Chenoweth
Minister, author, speaker, director of